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Pakistani freelancers earned $400 million from freelancing in 2022 and are now the third largest community of freelancers in the world.

Join our fully online program, with 10 weeks of training and 3 months of apprenticeship with an experienced mentor, to launch your career as a Freelancer.
In this program, you will undergo an intensive 10 weeks’ training to build your technical skillset with in-demand digital marketing and graphic design skills needed to excel as a freelancer. After the program, as you embark on your freelancing career, you will be part of an exclusive 3 months’ apprenticeship program in which you will gain insights and guidance from top-rated freelancing mentors as you build your portfolio and start earning.

After the first week, you will have the opportunity to select your preferred path of interest in the program, whether it be Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing or both.

Our bootcamps are open to all participants without any discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, gender identity or expression. We highly encourage females and Afghan Refugees residing in Pakistan to apply for this program and join us in creating an inclusive and supporting learning community.

Program Length

10 weeks

+ 3 months of apprenticeship

Mon–Fri, 9am–2pm
Fully Online

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Ready to get started?

  1. 15 minutes 1


    Create your account and answer a few simple questions around your interest in and availability for the program.

  2. 40 minutes 2


    The assessment tests basic numeracy and literacy. It will take you approximately 30-40 minutes to finish.

  3. 3


    How creative are you with solving problems? Here’s your chance to show us. Complete a small task to show us you have what it takes to be a freelancer!

  4. 45 minutes 4


    Here's your chance to meet with the Program instructors online. Upload your ID and education documents and then keep an eye on your phone and email for more information on your interview slot. Best of luck!

  5. 60 minutes 5


    Join the online program orientation where you will find out about the program schedule, what to expect in the program, and how to prepare yourself to make the most of the opportunity.

  6. 6


    After the 10-week training, you will be paired with a top-ranking Freelancing Mentor who will provide you with hands-on support in the first 3 months of your freelancing journey, supporting you to earn up to and above USD 200 per month!


  • Aged between 21 and 35 years-old
  • Have completed your Intermediate / A Levels / Highschool education
  • Have a valid CNIC and bank account (Afghan Refugees must have an ACC or POR)
  • Have access to the internet and a working laptop/PC
  • Be available from 9am – 2pm, Mon – Fri, for 10 weeks to attend the training
  • Be passionate about becoming a freelancer in Digital Marketing and Graphic Design
  • Commit to the 3-month apprenticeship program after the training is completed

Skills Earned

Technical Skills

We'll help you learn the technical skills with lots of hands-on, interactive sessions. By the end, you'll know:

  • Customer analysis and segmentation
  • Company and product analysis
  • Digital marketing Planning (KPIs, appropriate marketing channels and actions, and measuring outcomes with Google Analytics)
  • Corporate branding
  • Personal branding
  • Content creation strategy
  • Email marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (On-page SEO & Off-page SEO, Google Tools for SEO, including Google My Business, Google Trends, and Google Search Console)
  • Search Engine Monetization (SEM campaigns and ad extensions, SEM reports and interpretation, with an emphasis on Google Ads)
  • Google Display
  • Social media foundations, including performance evaluation and management of social media campaigns (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator

Behavior & Mindsets

In every career, there are key skills that will help you be successful. We'll train you to build these behavioral skills and mindsets within yourself:

  • Creativity
  • Orientation to detail
  • Proactiveness
  • Time Management
  • Growth Mindset
  • Persistence
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Future Orientation

Freelancing Readiness Skills

  • Training will include on-training drills, and practice days to learn and practice the important technical skills
  • You will also be directed to learning resources where you can upskill yourself further as a freelancer even after the program has ended.
  • After training, you will have the opportunity to gain mentorship from top-rated freelancers in a 6-months apprenticeship program.

Ongoing benefits of Generation

A Trusted Network

Continued contact with the Generation graduate network


Events and workshops to help you keep growing

Give Back

Become a mentor to help others


Troubleshoot your job challenges